Who are those four? Tension in the hopefuls ..


Who are those four? Tension in the hopefuls ..

The Andhra Pradesh ruling party’s YCP has begun the Rajya Sabha seats. After the YCP came to power in AP, Jagan promised that many would be MLCs. But now with the abolition of the legislature, the demand for the Rajya Sabha has increased.

All four Rajya Sabha seats will be vacant this April from Andhra Pradesh. During the 2014 state split, the AP was allocated 11 and Telangana seven Rajya Sabha seats. TRS, which is currently represented by the leader of the AP kekesavaravu, MA Khan, a member of the Congress is to retire on April 9 vadavi. Similarly, Morrow Congressman T. Subbirami Reddy and TDP member Gota Sitaramalakshmi are to retire on April 10. This has resulted in creating space for four Rajya Sabha seats.

These four seats are based on the number of seats in the AP Assembly. Already, CM pics have come to an estimate as to whom to assign these positions. At the same time, there has been a vigorous campaign to allocate one of these four seats to the BJP as part of its close relations with the Center.

The YCP series began with a thriller about who would finally get the opportunity. Two members of the Rajya Sabha are already represented by the YCP. Rajya Sabha MPs from Vijayasaray Reddy and Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy VCP.

However, the members will be chosen in keeping with the social and regional balance of the four vacant positions. Prominent among them are the pics of four names. The Jagan Rajya Sabha is expected to give a chance to Ayodhya Ramareddy, a family of six who have been close to the YS family from scratch.

Also, in the BC Kota, a prominent industrialist from Nellore district has been in the TDP for a long time.

Ravindra Babu’s name is also in the race to win the 2014 TDP from Amalapuram MP in the SC quota and join the YCP before the 2019 elections.

More recently, the name of Morrow celebrity has been promoted. It is well known that Jagan is expected to send a person who has played a key role in the judiciary. However, the celebrity is not ready for it.

Jagan Bandhu, who was campaigning for the party during the election, is also known as Mohan Babu, a Rajya Sabha candidate from the YCP. He met Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah a few days ago. The Collection King’s name is heard aloud even though its mystery is unknown.

Likewise .. Chance from YCP to megastar Chiranjeevi has been touted on social media. At the Saira Cinema, Jagan’s brief encounter with the three capitals is reinforcing the news. Similarly, three of the four seats offered to the YCP are given to them.


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