Telangana controlling corona cases


Corona cases are increasing day by day in telangan state. In telangana state people who effected with corona virus that people are shifting to hyderabad and giving treatment to them and also giving quality food to the patients to boost immunity system. telangana government providing quality food to the patients. corona positive cases are increasing day by day in telangana this news making panic to the people.

Quality food matters to recover from corona so have immunity boost food. in Gandhi hospital government providing quality food to the patients. in morning tiffins milk,bread,idly,dosa and more in afternoon time rice, two curries and boiled eggs and sambar in the evening time baddam and dry fruits are giving.

Telangana government doing very good job compare other states, government taking care of people and government divided different zones like red zone and containment zone, green zone.

Telangana health minister doing very great work and Government monitoring health of corona patients and health daily. Government increasing daily corona tests and monitoring each cases and providing health and quality treatment.

Government opened recently one hospital which helps to treat more corona patients specially.

CM KCR are doing very good job in lockdown time and thinking about common man and providing rice for the food and giving 1500 rupees cash to the people.

KCR dream came true over 4000000 acres agriculture crop happen. KCR proven that he is people CM once again. KTR also doing excellent job in lock down time he is monitoring and available to the public and helping many more people.

44 families spread corona to 265 people this thing happen in telangana shocking facts revealed by health minister.

13 new positive cases found in telangana. after adding today cases telangana total cases are 983. 29 people discharge from hospital and total discharges are 291.


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