Shamshabad airport shutdown!


Shamshabad airport shutdown!

Coronavirus (Covid-19) trembles the world. The pandemic has claimed more than 9,000 lives and 2 lakh people have been hit by it. Corona outbreaks are increasing day by day in India too. People are worried that the coronavirus outbreak means people have to get out of the house. Many countries have imposed restrictions on foreign travel. People do not tend to travel in fear of the virus. Against this backdrop, the ever-crowded Shamshabad airport was ruined on Thursday.

Those coming from abroad are taken directly to the isolation wards, including their luggage. There are two negatives that are sent home. Telangana government wants more surveillance on airline passengers, with seven Indonesians singled out as coroners in Karimnagar alone for the next 14 days. Shamshabad Airport has taken action accordingly.

Screening tests are already being conducted at the airport. The red alert has now been announced at the airport with Corona being positive after the screening test at the airport. The entire Shamshabad airport went into the hands of the police. The man at the airport does not appear. The routes to the airport are closed individually. Airport crews are sending only permitted vehicles on Airport Routes.


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