A Leader should not cry and panic and create Path for others


A leader should not cry and panic and create Path for others

Everyone wants to lead but many people failed because of them and their commitment to a leader should always be with people and go forward.
the leader should ready to take the pain and understand the situation and make the followers be safe. the leader should look for the solution and not for the problem. every leader should create the followers to be self survive and give knowledge transfer to each other.

Live like a leader is not easy :

Gaddy Prashanth is a person who completed a bachelor of technology graduation scored well while doing his b tech he started blogging made per month 10000$ and started helping his friends and he builds his team after completing his BTech. he entered into business later he came to Hyderabad and taken one flat and build his team who works for him, not for the money then implemented many startup ideas taken from his team and started few job portals then moved to food apps which huge demand in the industry then he moved to organic food vegetables delivery app.

To start food delivery app before he started organic vegetable delivery their he struggled to source and how to source he started thinking and started asking queries to many people a lot more people suggested to stop business and do the job but Prashanth is committed towards success and his dream is to create jobs and he wants to give something to society. his aspiring mind always makes him do business after much research he found one sourcing company. product sourcing completed but now he struck at financial to his business and plan to how to implement, he got much confusion there because he is fresher and he doesn’t have a mentor. Prashanth is a leader he believes in work so he started his career in business.

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