Lawyer lover marriage turns in controversy after 3 months


Lawyer lover marriage turns in controversy

A man he is professionally advocate got love marriage. after 3 months he started avoiding and blaming on caste.

this month 13th he went to his sister house but he didnt come back later few days wife went to husband parents

home. mother in law and father in law avoided and send her to on street. this incident happen in ranga reddy

district, manchala mandal, khagaj ghat village.

Lets get into the topic.. doosari venkatesh goud and kandukuri aruna both are in love from many years.

They got love marriage on January 29th in Venkateswara swamy temple which is located in godakandla village.

after 3 months venkatesh left her wife and went to his parents house and he didnt back, aruna went to venkatesh

parents house, venkatesh parents blamed and thrown her on street. aruna started dharna before venkatesh house.

mahila mandali and social welfare activist supports aruna.

Aruna demanding when we are in love he didnt care about my caste after marriage 3 months now they blaming on caste.

venkatesh promised did fake promise that he will convince his parents and he will take care of me.

but now he left me and aruna demanding justice. she want to stay with her husband.

Note :

Fake love marriages are increasing day by day. this generation people dont know about the relationship value.
Movies are giving huge impact on youth life. youth is spoiling thier life in attraction. relationship is long term
which is having responsibilities.

before any relation understand eachother and about their goals and responsibilities.
teenage love is not strong be aware of fake love and false promises.

Infactuation is not love its just attraction. stay focus on goal and career. find your partner understand makes
miracles in marraige life. love is different and marriage is different. love dont need responsibilities and career and
financial when comes to marriage life everything counts here, responsibilities and financial support and career.

so guys first focus on your career then come to marriage. understand your relation before going to marriage.


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