Jio on josh india first largest investment


Jio on josh india first largest investment

Jio is whooping the market and jio shares went on profits today and buyers got profit margins also and

jio good news made positive record on stock market today, here is the good news facebook bought around 9% stake

in jio. in india FDI this is the first largest investment happen. facebook invested 43000 crores on jio platforms.

As we all know jio came and setted trend in mobile industry, we know that jio is largest mobile network company

in india, while jio entering into telecom and mobile industry got shacked with many small compitators got

shutdown and many big companies fighting to survive.

Jio is going to enter in TV platforms and OTT platforms this time facebook investment will be boost up its services

and going to create sensation.

Facebook bought 9% stake in jio group went on sensation and stock markets got positive vibes. investors come

forward to buy the shares.

We all know about ambani family people mukesh ambani and anil ambani, anil ambani is not much succeesed compare to
mukesh ambani. Mukesh ambani works and plan well and he finds gap and creates gap in mobile empire that is called jio.

Mukesh ambani have many businesses but jio and telecom business he created empire and taken next level.

before jio people fight for data consumption and data usage and date speed is very low and in the same time
internet is booming their he find his business and he implemented and launched jio and released free data offer

to users their many people attracted and started jio. infact now the situation is 90% market was captured by jio.

after listening facebook investment news i will be more happy because as a indian a indian company is going very

fast going next level every indian should support.

Jio is going to make many wonders in coming days on Television and entertainment.
Jio platforms are going to implement new thoughts and new innovative plans.


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