Is social media more scary…?


Is social media more scary…?

The fact that social media is made available to the public has a lot to do with the disadvantages of using it. Some people on social media are more worried if people are flocking to the severity of a corona virus. Even if the news comes to the public right now, it would be frightening. Yet no one on social media is taking care. No matter how many governments say it, no one is listening. No matter how many warnings, social media is not stopping.


Now many are angry about this. The US made it so that the coronavirus virus was found to be available in two to three days. It is falsely propagated that everyone who has a coronavirus is likely to have a coronavirus. It is now more worrying to say that coronavirus in the chicken egg is likely to cause coronavirus.


Currently, corona outbreaks are steadily increasing. The drug for it is nowhere to be found. Efforts are under way for it, but no one seems to be looking. So don’t waste money believing every false campaign on social media. Also, do not try to believe coronavirus symptoms on social media. Do what doctors say and believe only what governments say.


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