Dagad Sai complains about damaging my image.


Dagad Sai complains about damaging my image.

Hyderabad: Boinpalli Dagad Sai resorted to cyber crime police A cybercrime police station has complained that some unidentified people have gone viral on social media for tweeting about it with their family members. In his complaint, Dagad Sai claimed that some people were deliberately damaging his personal image. He told police that some people were tagging him on Facebook, posting derogatory posts about his ‘tick talk’ with family members. Dagad Sai’s complaint was received by the cybercrime police. The police who registered the case have started an investigation. Dagad Sai joked that a lot of girls are getting annoyed at some of the videos on Ticktalk. Dagad Sai urged the police to take stern action against those who do so.

Dagad Sai .. A very good name in Youth. Two degrees, a pigeon, Dagad Sai, later shifted his journey towards settlements. He resides in the Boinpally Seven Temples area. It is reported that the police had charged the youth in the past for participating in the birthday celebrations of Dagad Sai. Dagad Sai is a Manchi name in Youth. Dagad Sai has many fans.


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