big data salaries June 2020


Now this is the average big data professor Monster everywhere write that what is the gross salary range that employer is generally putting and how much employees delegating right so it may not be under percent accurate but it will give you some idea so this salary structure is for foreign for essay for an employee who has got Not completely the big data but if he is going into the field of big data right so you suppose I am having four years of experience out of which I will be having one or two your of experience in the field of big data and if I want to switch the company and if I am going to any other company so so even people are getting more than that I would not talk about the company name but they are very good communicator Accenture.


 I know one guy from my previous company he just 4 years of experience and is get and he has been of a 12 lacs of salary right to that is obviously on the hiring but that’s why this is kind of average deta salary that people are getting right so if you are in Mumbai obviously Mumbai is very costly so you can imagine that if you are having around 4 years of experience in Mumbai some where you will get around 12 lacs in Bangalore

 I can expect around ten and half 211 wax in Delhi NCR almost similar in Pune it is slightly are cheaper than Bangalore and all which I don’t think it is but still you will get at least 10 lacs in Pune likewise in Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata it is like that they follow right so this is salary Trends and average ok so if you are happy now the comparison start that if you are really say Java developer right on your Python developer how much you will be getting right so busy not this much obviously you will get the job it’s not like that you may not get the job but the opportunities will not be source used as the number of opportunities are there in the field of big data.

moreover the salary range will also be not so much because big data is still and emerging technologies used in India right so not many people who are so good in Big Data who are at present there in the market no filmen people are not ok so that’s why it’s a kind of supply and demand a strategy that’s why are salaries very high and obviously learning Hadoop take ser use learning curve source obviously the employee who is learning apart from doing the job they must be rewarded now you see that this is the current big data job postings in India right now you see on the left hand side.

 if you see here this is just the big data analyst position more than 2500 ok so big analyst it depends not only into big data but as a whole it like of a technical plus say say little bit of a managerial a little bit of a techno functional rule you can say that right so I must know the little bit of not little bit more technical technical but more about the management that how r analytics project is hundred like that ok so that level also if you see the day experience that are there asking for about 9 to 14 years from now on hai arrange write almost 2550 big data analyst positions are there in the market on that level which generally you will not find another Technologies.


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