big data analtytics in 2020


Streams of abstract information of data from internal and external sources and Systems customer contact feeling market research social media mobile data and more together this statement should be able to deliver value for ball Si company and the customer through an understanding of customer behavior brand performance and market development at least this is what bakte promises interview wealth it’s not that simple nodical from accumulating the growing amount of abstract and diverse data to gaining insights for making a substantial impact in creating value with Big Data Analytics.

who introduced a Framework that is applicable to any business by focusing on the technical abstract site of big data by taking a more practical approach starting with business objectives to begin it take certain capabilities to define the word questions on to apply analytics that generator white answers to the big questions.

this input is at the heart of big data value creation model to define the right key performance indicators to measure the value to fam ant value your customers at three levels market prank on customer second is defined data strategy to identify the day to you can use to monitor the escape this strategy nbv defined and broadband at any stage then which trees merge and analyze the data as determined this is where the effort comes together the sign of death is to gain insights and create access via an actionable dashboard this Framework provide any company easy access to valuable insights to make a significant impact on their business this is Samay Eureka and today session will focus.


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