A Story of Gaddy Prashanth Go C Go


A Story of Gaddy Prashanth Go C Go

Gaddy Prashanth who is born in Jannaram in Telangana State. He completed his schooling gurukula patasala. From childhood Prashanth is more interested in learning and implementing, he is active in sports he got gold medals. he is a merit student from childhood. he completed his education in government schools and government colleges. He scored well in Xth class and intermediate after intermediate he completed his BTech while doing BTech he is having a blog in tech niche because he is a tech guy.

he started doing blogging keep giving helpful information to internet users. after few days he started blogging in that time he earned a lakhs of money per month and he implemented many SEO strategies to make more money on the internet after few years he got very good tech followers and he becomes brand in tech niche and many people started him following and he got good popularity in colleges like a celebrity and many people started asking suggestions and helping Prashanth have a kind heart so helped many people as money-wise and education-wise. In B Tech he is a popular person in his college he got a luxurious life while studying he bought his favorite car and he bought a house and a well-settled person at a young age.

He is monthly earnings crossed more than 2500000 lakhs before completing his b tech. After completing his B Tech he started 5 many blogs which make 20000$ per month with a team of 10 people he started on startup office which makes 100000$ per month in the span of 1 year now he is focusing on SAS products and clinical research. Prashanth is guy with down to earth and quick learning and Tech guy. Prashanth have good skills and he become master in SEO and SEM Expert. if you have any queries please comment below.


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