Attitude kills dont show your attitude


True Story: Vishu she joined in one media house as voice over artist later as per company management activities she moved to be an anchor. After few days she failed to coordinate with team members she gives complaints to the noncompany person in that time company management person noticed that and informed her to don’t do such activities in the company and he supported her and given opportunities because of misunderstanding she keeps informing outside person. management person again told her and shifted to another team. She again failed they’re also because miss understand.

That media company wants to enter in an E-commerce platform at that time, management moved her into ecom their she needs to interact with the callers handling and daily updates and increase sales. in this time she started asking and irritating tele calling people sales progress got dropped because of her disturbance.

People started complaining about her later management started to monitor her activity. she proved again showing her attitude.
CEO is a young age person he keeps given opportunities to her to prove, after management keep monitoring and observation management decided to relieve her.

So, friends, every person has the attitude you can have it not a problem but doesn’t show it to others without reason. some attitude kills the opportunities don’t show you attitude to your management they don’t blame they reject it. hope you guys understand and be an optimist.

Optimist never fails friends to be positive mind and create and improve your opportunity.


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